Some of the things We can do for You.

Here at Applied Thermodynamics we provide a wide range of Consulting and Design services for Businesses and Individuals. Following are a few words discussing just a few of these.

Energy System Consulting and Design. We can consult on or do the design of energy conversion systems. These are used in areas too numerous to mention but include heat pumps, chillers, refrigeration systems, heat recovery systems, and of course heat engines. We particularly delight in the design of heat engines that recover low temperature waste heat and convert it to useful power.

Thermodynamic Process Design. If you need to move heat from point A to point B efficiently and with low loss, we can help.

Heat Exchangers. If you need a high efficiency heat exchanger for an application, we can design or recommend one. A particular focus of ours is designing systems that operate at very close approach temperatures, to absolutely minimize losses of temperature and heat in your system.

If you need suggestions for home or business energy conservation, we are very pleased to help. If you need to see where your greatest opportunities for improvements are, we will help you to find them.

If you have operating equipment whose health and condition you need to monitor to predict failures, but donít want to pay the very high prices for the big, sophisticated systems, we have simpler, less expensive ideas to offer you.

If you donít see what you need on this list, just ask us about it. Chances are we can find a way to help. We are a small, friendly, customer oriented company dedicated to finding a way to solve your problems effectively.